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    You may e-mail us with any question you may have about La Truite d'Argent. We are very easy to reach and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Please understand that we are not in the office all the time. Questions will be answered as soon as possible.

    Charme hotel



    Cetturu 1


    6662 Tavigny/Houffalize


    Romantisch hotel Ardennen





    We respond as soon as possible.

    Charme hotel Ardennen



    +32 (0)61 21 99 96


    You can contact us in English and Dutch.

    Romantisch hotel houffalize



    La Truite d'Argent


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  • Houffalize

    The hotel is situated 10 kilometers from Houffalize in the middel of the woods.


    Distance / Travel time by car

    • From Calais / France : 250 km, +/- 3:00 hr
    • From Utrecht / Netherland: 260 km, +/- 3:00 hr.
    • From Antwerp / Belgium : 180 km, +/- 2:00 hr. 
    • From Brussels / Be1gium : 150 km, +/- 1:30 hr.  

    For a roadmap, click here. 

    By Train the closest station is Gouvy, 15 km from the hotel.
    From here you can continue your trip by bus. There's a bus stop in front of the hotel. (www.b-rail.be)